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Things to do to Shakespeare’s words (it’s okay, he’s dead, he won’t mind)

This section is a growing list of suggestions for follow up/preparation classroom activities to enhance your visit to FairyMonsterGhost as well as for more general use. You will find outlines of theatre-based exercises as well as more text-based activities developed in association with Colin Crouch (relation!) an inspirational English teacher of some 40 years' experience.

The theatre exercises are drawn from some of the many workshops Tim Crouch has led for teachers and pupils. An Educational Associate for the National Theatre, Tim has over 20 years of hands-on experience as a workshop leader and teacher in schools, colleges and workplaces all over the country.

Please follow the side menu to explore the activities. You'll find some more activities in the Fairy, Monster and Ghost Activities sections.

Quite a lot of the activities rely on working on a Shakespeare speech. We have provided a few of our favourites, but you may like to look up Rhymezone, a website that has the complete works online.